Make your own wrapped strings


Make your own string machine using simple and readily available technology and little bit of shop work. Watch the video. It should inspired you so you can become more independent with your hobby.

Things to remember:
- The core string need to be stretched to the tension the string will be when tuned. Use my string calculator to work that out.
- The wrap has to be tight on the core for good tonality.
- To dye the nylon strings use iDye Poly,
- Core nylon should be hard, low density nylon such as Tynex or Fluorocarbon type.

Parts for the portable string machine:
- 2 small 12 or 24 V DC motors, 3000 to 10000 RPM 1 to 3 amps
- 1 PWM controller for variable speed 

 (AMAZON: 12V Motor Speed Controller, DROK DC Motor Driver Board for Brush Motor 7V-60V 20A 420W PWM Control 12V 24V 36V 48V Regulator Cooling Fans Dimmer Governor Pulse Width Modulator with Adjust Knob)

- 1 reverse polarity switch
- 1 DC power supply.
- digital or spring scale up to 50Kg
- manual push on/off switch
- attachments and sliding parts as per your choice

Have fun making strings. Video link HERE.

I found the string machine drawing conception I did in 1993.  Have a look.


Below is a picture of my string machine bench. I have 3 machines there.
- bottom front is my portable machine as per the video.
- the one beyind is the one I made in 1993 using the drawing above. I don't really use it any more.
- the top one is a semi-automatic maching using 3 D printer technologies. Automatic wrapping and stop. I still have to do the knots and tension manually.


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