I made 2 calculators, one based on the Taylor formula and the other on the StringAcoustic Modulus which I recently formulated in the Stringing Inquiry page.

SBM Light has an engineering approach to string construction and it is not intuitive but a necessary method for complex strings with different material and layers.

Acoustic String Tuning has a tonality approach to string selection and is much more intuitive to musicians as it is centered on how the semitone affects the string dynamics.

If you are new to string selection or designing an instrument I would recomment that you explore the Acoustic String Tuning approach in your project and when your have settled on a design or string parameters you can work out the details of the string selection with SBM Light and make a final report on the associated spreadsheet.

These small apps will be flagged by your computer/browser. The default option is for you to discard them. You will have to choose Keep and Run to use them. You can use your antivirus software or windows defender to scan it first. These 2 apps do not write anything on your computer. It just display the calculation on the screen. If you want to keep a text copy of your data  you can do it with the "Copy Screen to ClipBrd " and paste it on a text document.

You can run multiple instances of  each program so you can compare one set of data with another one. I usually run 4 of them, 2 of each or more if needed. Also you can enlarge the window screen by grabbing one corner of the display screen to the size you want.

To Down Load SBM-Light click here: SBM-LIGHT    Updated version: 20.04.01

To Down Load Icon save this picture 

To Down Load Spreadsheet Template for SBM-LIGHT. In Libre Office HERE.  In Exel 97- 2003 HERE

To DownLoad Acoustic String Tuning click here: ACOUSTIC APP

Tutorial for SBM-Light click here: SBM Tutorial

Tutorial for ACOUSTIC APP Tutorial

Musical Notation used in the program.


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