Here are some of the comments our customers told us.


I have been meaning for months to let you know how much I love my Wellspring 36.  I have a Dusty Strings 36 and a Sandpiper Nova, and I still love the Wellspring.  It is a perfect size for carrying ( I don't have to put the rear seats of my Subaru down), and I enjoy playing on it, which I can't say for all smaller harps.  The Wellspring has its own special quallities, and a wonderful evenness of tone, and I am very happy with it. - Marlene Lower, Burnaby, BC, Canada.

I find myself wanting a few more octaves than I have with my traveler harp. I absolutely love it though. I would like to order a wellspring 36 this time around. After playing my harp and listening to others complain about the constant re-tuning issues they have I definitely want another of your harps. I don't have to hardly retune at all by comparison. Everyone hearing my traveler is amazed at the quality of sound I get for such a small harp.. Therefore having never owned another make of harp I'm sure not going to change now! It feels great doing business with you again knowing I am getting the best thats out there! Carol Jordan, Medecine Hat, AB, Canada

I only began taking harp lessons about 8 weeks ago and started out with two different rentals. Since I was so new to the world of harps and really didn’t know what to buy, my original thought was to buy a smaller harp and upgrade in a year or two. I almost bought my Dusty Strings Rav 26 rental until my teacher told me that one of her students was looking to sell her Josephus. I have to say that the Wellspring 36 was love at first sight (love the honey gold finish) and first playing. It’s a privilege to play and own one of your creations. They are truly a work of art. If I ever find myself looking for another harp, I will be sure to contact you first. Thank you. - Karen Harrison, Stillwater Lake, NS, Canada

We have been singing the praises of the Wellspring since it arrived.  And as Robin and I become better educated about harps and exposed to more varieties, we both continue to be impressed by the quality of sound it produces, especially at such a compact size and price! - Marilynn Best, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Well, it's here at last!  First let me say that Roadway did an excellent job. Incidently, the manager and several drivers who were around were very impressed by the crate and how well it was designed, also that the handles are a great idea to keep it oriented in the right direction as well as  making it easier to handle.  They remarked how  there's very few people out there that can build a good crate,  most think styrofoam 'peanuts' are the answer to packing things well. As for the harp, well, I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am.  It sounds completely different from my first one, clearer and more ringing, and I love the bass!  It's so much louder (is that due to the metal-wrapped strings?) yet it blends well into the mid-range. Even Bud, who is admittedly tone-deaf, has commented on how great this one sounds.  And on top of all this, it's beautiful to look at. I'm totally pleased with my new harp,  thanks so much! If you have any enquiries from people in my part of the world,  I would be happy to let anyone see and try out my harp. - Jessi Shaw, Versusius, Virginia USA

Thanks you so much, you do beautifull work and I will not hesitate to recommend you to any one who wishes to  purshase a harp. - Fiona Fraser, Dalkeith, Ontario, Canada

Just wanted to let you know that I'm enjoying your harp tremendously.  The sound is developing well and I've been tuning it every day.  Have had quite a few people comment on the quality of the instrument and have passed out your pamplets to several interested people here.  It was good to meet you and have a tour of the workroom with Joseph.  It was so well organized! - Ann Kebernik, Terrace, BC, Canada

The harp arrived and looks and sounds absolutely wonderful.  Thank you! - Siri Marken, Kelowna, BC, Canada

I wanted to write you a short note to let you know how much we are enjoying the sound of Julie's harp that you made for her.  Julie is heading into another Kiwanis Festival competition and I am thrilled that she is doing so using your harp.  This harp keeps it's tune sooo very well, I just finished checking it again and it was almost bang on.  That is definitely one thing I really appreciate about her harp.  I also should let you know that many of the students looking to purchase a new harp love the sound of her Josephus harp.  We regularly pass on your name and advise people to check your web site and also passing along how happy we are with the service we received from you.  Hope business is good for you.  Happy Easter. - Helene Leduc, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I've been so busy since I come home that I haven't gotten around to tell you how much I am enjoying the harp.  I find that the sound is full and quite loud enough for my room.   I found it to be quite true and bright in my aunts home as well.  I feel that this harp suits my needs very nicely.  It's not too heavy, it's not too large and has all the great features of larger harps.  I will therefore be selling my "other" harp. Thank you once again for getting my harp finished on time. All the best. - Darlene Phillips, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.

I just want to let you know how pleased I am with the look and sound of the harp. Also, I had almost forgotten how beautifully compact a harp it is. I first saw Jesse Shaw's 36 string harp at a Music for Healing and Transition class in Charlottesville, VA. When I began comparing  harps for my own CMP practice I wanted the range, strong voice, yet all the portability I could muster.  I remembered her harp. You also did a beautiful job on the finish work! Thanks so much for your personal attention through this whole process! - Paula Settle, New Holstein, Wisconsin, USA.

I still absolutely love my harp and still haven't heard another that rivals it's sound. - Alessandre Leake, Kemptvill, Ontario.

Just wanted to give you a belated update on my harp. I am loving it! I get lots of comments on the beautiful sound and it holds its tuning really well now. Your craftsmanship has been complimented many times and my teacher loves the mellow sounding base notes especially. - Patricia Welk, Bayfield, Ontario.

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