StringBand Manager Software

A program for computing instrumental string configurations. Researched and written by Joseph Jourdain, this software is used to analyze, plan or reconstruct a stringband using any combination of string material.


The length, tension, diameter or wrap diameter of any monofilament or wrapped string with or without bedding in any combination of Nylon, Fibre, Gut, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Steel, Silver, Gold or user defined material.


Using monofilament, design & configure a theoretical curve & stringband up to 99 strings, chromatic or diatonic scale.


(New features are printed in bold)

- Choose Imperial or Metric Units for your calculations

- Automatic conversion from Imperial Units to Metric & vice versa

- Save, Reload, Edit, Graph, Print data file

- Global, and local editing, no data retyping for kept variables

- Graph all string variables including the Harp Curve

- New file selector, duplicate file, edit file header

- Fast data entry method, scroll data up or down

- Tools menu available while a file is open

- Save data file in SBM, ASCII or Lotus 123 spreadsheet format

- Tensile Strength Table in Imperial or Metric Units

- Flat &Sharp length Table in Imperial or Metric Units

- Fibre core and Bedding Table in Imperial or Metric Units

- Automatic frequency entry for notes

- Keep track of accumulated tension during calculations

- Compute complete string statistic including impedance

- 26 pages of documentation on disk, also available on screen

- Stringing tutorial for beginners, more Sample data files

- Menu driven program, no computer experience necessary

System required: IBM PC XT or higher with graphic capability. MSDOS, 720 K disk or higher (5.25 or 3.5). Run under MSDOS, Windows 3.1/ 95/98. Below: Harp curve graphic from software.

StringBand Manager - Harp curve graph

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