Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find instruction?

Wells is host to Island Mountains Arts International Folk harp School, held every summer. The school is a 5 day, very intensive workshop which features some of North Americas's finest harpers. For more information check out the IMA website at

If you live in Vancouver Island, Marilyn Rummel teaches harp classes for beginners and advanced students. Please contact her for more information.


Where can I find more information about harps?

Make sure you read the section Buying a Harp from the menu. It will give you a good overview about the issues related to purchasing a new harp.

The following page from Celtic Harp is excellent and very informative about harp makers, harp teachers, harp events, harp music, harp history and more..


Reference to our harps can be found in the Canadian Encyclopedia of music at the following link:, 

or search for harp in Encyclopedia of music and then go to recent activities and building. The Canadian Encyclopedia



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