Moonspring Harp

Left: Wellspring 36 - Right Moonspring 36

Watch our Moonspring harp video here

The Moonspring Harp was designed to bridge the gap between the Wellspring 36 and the Dayspring harps. It is larger than the Wellspring, well suited for taller people. It has the same stringband as the Dayspring 38 but reduced to 36 strings from C2 to C7. It has the same type of soundbox construction of the Wellpsring but it is larger to accommodate the larger soundboard. It has the acoustic presence of  the Dayspring with the simplicity of the Wellspring which makes it more affordable. It is available in Western maple, African Mahogany, Black Walnut and Cherry, and comes with a full set of Gold platted Camac levers.

Pillar height: 53 inches; shoulder heigth: 49", width: 30 inches; soundboard width: 14.5 inches; Total string spacing: 20 inches; Total strings tension: 1206 pounds; Range C2 to C7, Weight 20 pounds with a full set of Gold platted Camac levers.


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