The Folk Harp Stringband Manual

We have had many requests from the readers of the Folk Harp Journal for copies of the "Stringband Evaluation" series that Joseph Jourdain wrote between 1994 and 1997. Because the articles were not formatted for distribution, he almost always declined the requests, but felt uncomfortable with that situation because the whole idea of the Stringband Evaluation series was to make information about stringband theory available to the general public. Now that series is offered in book form so that harpmakers and musicians can have the resources they needed to further explore the tonality of the harp they want to make or have.

The 45-page (8 ½ x 11) plastic-comb bound book provides tables, charts, drawings and formulas to demonstrate and explain all aspects of harp stringing. Below is the information about that publication.




1: The Dilemma

i Tables - String mass data

2: The Formulas

ii Drawing - Erard Harp

3: The Variables

iii Drawing - Cousineau Harp

4: The Erard Concert Harp

iv Troubadour III analysis

5: The Cousineau Harp

v Stringband Manager V4.21

6: String Characteristic

vi Further reading

7: String Configuration


8: The Sound Within


9: String Breakage


10: String Tonality


An easy reference book for understanding all aspects of harp stringing. 45 pages bound with a 17 hole plastic binding.

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