The Heritage Harp

 Heritage Harp full view Heritage Harp back view

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Our new Heritage Harp is reminiscent of some 17th century designs - think elegant drawing room! This was the period just before the invention of the single and then double action pedal harps of the classical era. The particularity of these harps is that they had a straight column with a 4 sided and staved soundbox. Ornamentation was kept to minimum or done with discretion - unlike the concert harps of a few years late. It has Purple Heart rib inlays on the soundboard and the string bar as seen in the pictures. Sound board is made of solid Sitka spruce. These harps were beautiful and graceful but their revival has been overwhelmed by the more"Celtic harp" designs.

Our Heritage Harp brings back the splendor of that instrument. The harp is about 61 inches high and has 38 strings (A1 to C7). The tension is similar to modern harps with a clear and strong sound. It was designed for harpists who want an attractive instrument for performances or special musical occasions that is easier to transport than a concert harp. The bottom of the sound box is angled as seen in the picture.

Specification: pillar height: 57 "; shoulder height: 49"; width: 28"; soundboard: 15.5"; weight: 23 - 27 lb; total string spacing: 21.75"; range: A1 to C7; strings tension 1,375 lb.

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