Can you make a String Band from an historical picture of an early Gothic harp ?

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Here is a picture I found of an early gothic harp. I find those harps beautiful with a divine grace. Using the same methodology of the Erard harp tutorial we can design a harp that has some characteristics of the Gothic harp. This is your home work. Down load the picture and SBM-LIGHT for your calculations. There is nothing that can stop you now. Design and make a beautiful small harp.

30 years ago I made a harp inspired by that picture. As you see it is not even close the the original picture but it is a lovely little harp not available commercialy. Wood is purple teak, sound board is solid birch,  there is a face on the pillar to stabilized the thin pillar, The bottom string is A2, the sound box is larger and deeper, it has nylon strings with levers, a cello post at the bottom! There is nothing gothic anymore about it but when I listen to it I hear a smile. My wife Marilyn made a short video, link HERE.




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