The Dayspring Harp



Watch our Dayspring video here:

Listen to Marilyn's arrangement of "Prospect" on a new black walnut Daypring before lever installation

Listen to Marilyn plays "Long Spring", last tune played before shipping a new black walmut Dayspring

The 38 String Dayspring Harp was designed for  professionals and enthusiasts who need a big harp with excellent acoustic tonality and sound projection for performance and recording. It  has the same profile as the Wellspring Harp but is 1/3 larger with a 20% increase in string tension. Sides are staved by 10 degrees. It has Purple Heart rib inlays on the soundboard and the string bar as seen in the pictures. Sound board is made of solid Sitka spruce. The Dayspring has a simple but robust presence that gives confidence and power. It is available in Western maple, Black Walnut, Cherry and comes with a full set of Camac levers.

Pillar height: 55 inches; shoulder heigth: 51", width: 31 inches; soundboard width: 15 inches; Total string spacing: 21.75 inches; Total string tension: 1375 pounds; Range A1 to C7, Weight 25 pounds with a full set of Camac levers.

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